1. justanothermom2014:

    Yes my son and I went out to dinner tonight with some friends of mine….he says I got a bit tipsy with the wine….after our friends left, he said I got a bit frisky with him and our waitress…..after we left I sat down and this is how he captured me…..maybe I had a few glasses too much wine…but I still am horny and want my son’s cock.

  2. justanothermom2014:

    Show her how it’s done.

    First trip with my daughter-in-law to be…to an adult theater and glory hole….she caught on really fast after she met a few of my friends there that were more than willing to help her get over any fear she might have had.

  3. his-deviant-mind:

    Now this is very hot. Just imagine the girl is someone you know and you’re there watching all of this happen right before your very own eyes for your benefit as much as hers.

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  4. bad-lady-next-door:

    After the divorce, Maggie’s sex life became a series of “make sure no one is looking” adventures with her son.

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  5. a-m-a-t-e-u-r-s:


    My mum always told me that I should have proper table manners and eat properly. I’m going to eat her out like a good boy should for his mum